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Doug Walker

Senior Advisor

Seasoned and respected industry veterans that have been in your shoes before

Doug Walker is a recognized aircraft leasing industry leader in the sphere of technical operations with 35+ years of experience.  Since 2014, Doug was Head of Technical in the Americas for AerCap.  Prior to AerCap’s acquisition of ILFC in 2014, Doug was ILFC’s Head of Technical Operations from 2002 through 2014; a role he earned after being a Vice President – Technical Executive at ILFC from 1997 through 2002.  Over the past 20+ years, Doug has overseen more aircraft transitions between airlines around the world including, deliveries, returns and repossessions, than any other technical operations executive in the aircraft leasing industry.  During his career at AerCap and ILFC, Doug was also a member of the leadership team which set maintenance reserve rates, escalation rates, end of lease compensation rates and formulas, worked with the risk management teams to ensure appropriate audit and inspection levels were set with respect to aircraft and aircraft records, managed the teams which delivered, returned and inspected aircraft, and oversaw maintenance reserve collection and claim administration.  In addition to managing teams of technical professionals, Doug also managed the technical budgets which included approving project costs, invoices for technical expenses, purchase orders and employee project expenses and in that context, Doug also oversaw agreements with key suppliers such as GTAs with MROs and spare engine lessors.   Finally, Doug has extensive experience drafting and negotiating aircraft lease agreements including the technical/commercial provisions related to maintenance reserves, end of lease compensation, delivery and return conditions, having developed technical language which has since been adopted by the industry.

Prior to joining ILFC, Doug was Head of Technical Consulting and Asset Management at AVITAS from 1993-1997.  Doug started his career in the aircraft leasing industry in the leasing arm of Northwest Airlines where Doug was Manager of Used Aircraft Programs from 1998-1993 during which time he negotiated aircraft leases and managed deliveries and returns of used leased aircraft; prior to that position Doug was Manager – Base Maintenance at Northwest Airlines.  Doug has been a member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Traders since 1996 and one of a small number of ISTAT Certified Aircraft Appraisers world-wide and also possesses an FAA A&P license.

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